Journal Coverage

The Health Information : Jurnal Penelitian focuses on disseminating the results of scientific studies in the health sector starting from basic, clinical, and community-based science. HIJP publishes articles on the results of (1) basic, clinical, or community medical studies; (2) review of articles/theories; (3) case reports; (4) brief communication; and (5) correspondence.

Study themes can be, but are not limited to:

  1. Nursing (psychiatric, family, gerontics, medical surgery, emergency department, children, management)
  2. Midwifery (antenatal & postnatal care, maternal & child health)
  3. Nutrition science (clinical nutrition, institutional nutrition, community nutrition)
  4. Health analyst science (parasitology, microbiology, tropical diseases in coastal areas)
  5. General health sciences (public health, epidemiology, environmental health, pharmacy, and medicine)