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Peer Review

Review Quality Criteria

During the review, the review partner should review:

  1. Determination and accuracy of the use of the study methodology
  2. The content of the study so that it can have an impact, both on the scientific community and policy makers

Review Nature

JIPPM uses double blind review model, so that communication between the author and the reviewer is moderated by the editor. The identity of the author is not disclosed to the reviewing partner and vice versa, the author does not know the identity of the reviewer partner who reviewed the manuscript.

At least the manuscript will enter two rounds of review, and each round as far as possible the manuscript is reviewed by two review partners.

Review Result Trasfer

The possible thing for the author to do if the manuscript is rejected is to use the results of the JIPPM review result to other journal. The results of this review can be in the form of a response form to the review partner or direct comments from the review partner on the manuscript.

Publishing Peer Review Result

JIPPM has not implemented the publication of articles together with the commentary content of bestari partners or provided access to the public to participate in the review during the review process. The review process only allows interaction between authors and review partners appointed by the editor.

Open Interaction and Companion Reviewer

Review partners are not allowed to discuss the manuscript under review with their colleagues or other reviewers, except with permission from the editor. And for now, there has not been a companion bestari partner under review.