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Crossmark, Retraction, Correction, and Enhancement


The journal informs updated article version on Crossmark.


Here are dues to retraction:

  1. Misconduct in research results due to mistakes of methodology, or there are falsification, fabrication, and plagiarize activity.
  2. Parts of the data or entirely have been published by other journals without any notice. It is also applied if the author does not have the right to use the data or violate the privacy of the organs involved in the data.
  3. The existence of conflicts of interest affects the interpretation of the results of the study.

Correction and Enhancement

  1. Correcting the author's affiliation due to data process mistakes during production.
  2. Correcting the article substance only if that does not change the interpretation of the results of the study can be directly carried out by the editor without getting approval from the author.
  3. Enhancement is an enhanced article accompanied by/without a supplement.

Controlling Procedures

  1. Each correction is published as a new version of the article and the previous version remains interconnected.
  2. Both retraction, correction, and enhancement can be traced to the information on Crossmark. Additional information affected is who and what is done.
  3. The correspondent author who requires article control (retraction, correction, and enhancement) have to request on discussion in the article's dashboard.
  4. Third parties (readers and institutions) inform their findings through the editorial office electronics (