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Open Access Statement

Open Access Statement

The following statements are based on aspects of open access assessment.

Reader's Rights

Articles can be accessed by anyone without first logging into the journal system using an account or paying a certain amount of money to the publisher.

Reuse Rights

Authors and readers are guaranteed to be free to reuse articles without having to get permission from the publisher. This is because publishers license JIPPM articles under a creative commons license.


The author has full rights to the copyright of the article.

Author Rights to Distribute Articles

There are three versions of the manuscript or article that are highly recommended to the author to be distributed in various media. Manuscripts that are still in the submission and review process can be posted on the RINarxiv preprint server and the publisher's version can be distributed to the author's blog/website and social media.

Automated Publishing

Articles can be found on third party websites either mediated by OAI JIPPM automation or through API owned by Crossref. Since JIPPM does not have an embargo system, third-party systems can index articles within days of publication.

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